Holding her hand🙌🏻 On the grains of sand⌛ Nothing was expected Nothing was planned The sound of waves🌊 crashing on the shore Brought us together even more close👫 Advertisements

Night and Morning

He slept late at Night, Just to Make her Sleep, She used to wake up Early, Just to see him sleeping…💜

🍪 #2

10 months have 43 weeks! 43 weeks have 300 days! 300 days have 7224 hours! 7224 hours have 4,33,440 minutes! 4,33,440 minutes have 2,60,06,400 seconds                  AND For that every second you spent with me, Is indeed unforgettable Forever! 😘 #2DTG

My Other half!

It’s that look in your eye, It’s the smile on your face; That makes each second worth, And I know I’m in a better place. It’s the memories of you That turn any sky blue, With all these feelings I have, Are indeed so true. Getting lost in my dreams With the mere image of…

Mile for a Smile *🍪1

There’s no need to drop me home. You can leave. (He remained quite and continued to walk) Arghh!! I guess you like to annoy me more, don’t you? All I wish is to see you smile Even if I have to walk a mile. Though we don’t get enough of time I always want to…

My girl!

She’s the type of girl👩 Who would hold you while you cry👫, Who would stay up all the night🌃, Just to make sure you are alright💪 Even if she’s the one who is  Breaking sometimes❤

I Adore!

I adore the way she smiles, the way it makes me want to kiss her more, the way it seduces me without an effort, Just like a lotus that rose,  Inspite Of its shallow murky waters!


Cookie: Oh god! Not again. Snoopy: *diping the biscuit in the milk* Cookie: I hope you change this pathetic meal.  Snoopy: Yes why not? But Will you mind If I have a cookie instead ?  Cookie: *Blush Blush*                 

My Hot Girl!

“Describe a hot girl”  “Slim, cute smile, brown eyes”  “Then I guess I’m not a hot girl😔” “But You never said to describe a perfect girl for me😉💗”  #H8Mtomyhotty!!!

Cute, isn’t it?

“Why don’t you have a boyfriend yet?” “I’m just not allowed. Sorry! Why don’t you have a girlfriend?” “Umm… Because you’re still not allowed to have one” #1cuteconversations

You have me!

“I’m Hungry” “Come eat what my mom has made” “Oh! What did she make?” “ME” 💙😋

Lies No cries!

Sometimes you feel to run away, As things never go by your way Chill Chill Oh girl!  You need someone Come on with me, I assure  Its going to be too much fun.  First I thought he must be kidding As he’s always doing this cheering But then suddenly he grabbed me in  Taking me…